1. Create your friend-vestment group or find one to join

    Dispay is meant to be enjoyed with friends & communities. Pool your capital & explore web3 together in a safe and innovative platform! Dyspay is a simple & fun way of getting involved in NFTs built with with an ERC-20 framework.

  2. Setup your group & invite friends to join with a single link

    Friends can invest as much or as little as they like. Participating in a group feels like magic & allows you to stream money in & out—that means no repetitive transactions & no unnecessary gas fees. We’ve teamed up with Superfluid to make your Dyspay experience easy, seamless, and magical! ✨

  3. Vote on what NFTs to buy & start investing together

    Start investing with your friends & community! Did you group make money? Proceeds are automagically streamed back to you! Want to leave a group? No problem—you can always “rage quit” and get your unallocated capital back.