We are born at DAOHacks! The online event to make new Dapps

We’re live & have officially launched at DAOHacks—an online event to build the future of coordination, social groups, DAOs, and more! Dispay was conceived and started on April 9th, 2022 at DAOHacks’ global hackathon orchestrated by ETHGlobal. Read more below.

We’re an international team excited to democratize access to NFT investing and the broader web3 ecosystem.

The future of web3 depends on mainstream access and widespread use, so what better way to get involved than with your friends? Jumping into NFTs, crypto, and web3 can be scary if you’re alone—that’s why we built Dispay.

Dispay lets friends supercharge a crypto-wallet so they can purchase and own NFTs together. Once a group is formed, all members can stream money into the primary group wallet to pool funds, coordinate the purchase, and join the web3 movement. Money made automagically streams back to each individual & friends can join or leave a group at any time. It seriously feels like magic.

We’re ready to transform how groups collaborate and invest in web3 and can’t wait to see where Dispay goes. Form a group and let us know what you think!